Why Us

Our clients come from a wide array of industries with a number of common problems, every Buyer and Supplier is after one thing . The Best Quality goods at the Best Prices delivered Prompt  and on time .This  is the little Knowledge that got the first  investors and brokers together .In a bid to create a direct link to the Market on both ends.

  Many companies today strive to harness the potential of global sourcing to reduce cost and it is commonly found to be an integral part of an organization’s sourcing and procurement strategy. We provide a reliable and cost effective supply chain is a competitive lever that can influence overall sustainable growth.


Direct Impact Sourcing Value Is Only Ever Reached in Pursuit of our Goals ;


  • We are responsible for quality product development and setting of prices to ultimately reach your desired goals
  • Reliable worldwide network serving more than 90 markets
  • Serving retailers, foodservice-distributors, commodity wholesalers, importers, and manufacturers
  • Sourcing of quality products from major production areas throughout the world
  • Scale, flexibility and a wide range of food experience
  • Allowing customers and suppliers to fulfill their requirements efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Local knowledge allied with global spread
  • Long-term relationships that are appreciated by all parties
  • Guaranteed and audited food-chain safety
  • Economical handling and efficient transportation worldwide
  • Proactive development of new markets
  • Your partner for joint business and product development



Direct Impact Sourcing B.V. draws on many years of experience in providing solutions for clients in a wide range of industries. This includes working with an established global network of independent industry thought leaders to help them define, develop and implement successful transformational strategies. We ensure that this transformation enables ample opportunity for learning at all levels, and helps bring in a new culture of continuous opportunity development, overcoming challenges, and setting new standards. We help develop a continuous learning environment.


Initial Phase

Trial Phase