Direct Impact Sourcing B.V.

 Offers sustainable apparel product development and specialized global sourcing strategies, combined with compliance excellence and intuitive customer service. We strive to always bring newness and innovation to our work, offering an extensive multi-category product range, manufactured in over 100 fully compliant partner factories.


Industry: Grocery and Related Product Merchant Wholesalers , Miscellaneous Nondurable Goods Merchant Wholesalers , Merchant Wholesalers, Non durable Goods , Wholesale Trade , Groceries, general line , Oil and greases (animal or vegetable) Groceries, general line


Direct Sourcing Between Broker and Manufacturer


Emerging suppliers bring about lucrative private and government contracts

Shipping and Logistics

Follow guidelines for successful shipping.

We continuously invest in maintaining a positive impact on the people living and working in our regional locations. In collaboration with suppliers, our teams strive to develop best practices, drive ethical transparency, and identify opportunities for positive change throughout the value chain.

People management decisions often involve trade-offs between different needs or priorities. Being aware of and understanding the outcomes of alternative courses of action will enable people managers to make sound judgements. Transparency means being open with employees and stakeholders about decisions and the rationale behind them. Such communication with builds trust.


To Globally Connect all buyers and manufactures we built this platforms following strict guidelines to not just promote exposure , but allow purchasing power in the hands of the consumer 


 We believe, businesses that set high standards, ground their decision-making in foundational values, swiftly address shortcomings and act transparently not only mitigate risk—they make better business decisions and cultivate trust.


Verified membership is internationally recognized. Globally it showcases member’s behavior’s, value and impact in Trade., Membership verifies commitment to the highest professional standards.


There is nothing greater than doing things right. As a trusted partner for many global brands and
their teams, we consistently champion ethics and transparency in our daily practices.


 Many global service centers are located in Europe and the U.S.A, thanks to the availability of a highly educated and skilled IT workforce.

Why Us


  Many companies today strive to harness the potential of global sourcing to reduce cost and it is commonly found to be an integral part of an organization’s sourcing and procurement strategy. We provide a reliable and cost effective supply chain is a competitive lever that can influence overall sustainable growth.

We are responsible for quality product development and setting of prices to ultimately reach your desired goals

Direct Impact Sourcing B.V. offers quality and sustainable products through specialized global sourcing, strategies and A.I innovation all combined with our direct, excellent and simply intuitive customer service.

Our goal is to easily satisfy your needs, promote cultural exchange and motivate or suppliers to use result-oriented production processes, while maintain responsible environmental and social sustainability. This is our motivation to daily evolve and improve our innovation to work in offering an extensive multi category product range, manufactured in over 300 complaint partner factories .



Global Strategic Sourcing plans by employing deep sourcing analytics to study demand and supply of their specific markets. We have long standing relationships and collaborate with sourcing institutes, organizations and experts as needed to develop specific plans for our clients. We identify areas and geographies for optimal strategic supplier development on a long-term scale and help define the tools and processes needed for successful global supplier collaboration. Based on the principles of supplier development, we help structure co-development programs with global suppliers.


Products & Services

In addition, our IT team a works with factories and brands, championing projects that make a real difference to impacted communities.


We pride ourselves on fresh produce, organic and dry produce items.

Our specialties include

  • Very safe and Healthy Fresh/dry Produce items
  • Beautiful colours of produce items
  • Excellent flavours/ taste
  • Good Shelf Life
  • Excellent value for money
  • Food Safety and traceability of our best quality Australian and Globally sourced Fresh Produce Items.We are leader in Food and Agri Business and involved in  sourcing out directly from the growers, producers and pack house establishment for European and Global fresh produce items and exporting/importing Fresh Produce items including Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, dry fruits, organically grown fresh produces items to the global markets at very competitive rates throughout the year.

Product Description

Direct Impact Sourcing  provides food, agriculture and industrial products and services to the world. Together with farme, custome, governments and communities, we help people thrive by applying our iights and 10 yea of experience. We have 628 employees who are committed to feeding the world in a respoible way, reducing environmental impact and improving the communities where we live and work.

Although many citrus fruits, such as oranges, tangerines, and grapefruits can be eaten fresh, about a third of citrus fruit worldwide is utilized after processing, and orange juice production accounts for nearly 85% of total processed consumption (USDA 2006). Because the introduction of frozen concentrated orange juice after World War II, which preserves fresh flavor and full color, reduces transportation costs, and minimizes losses due to storage diseases, the U.S.A. has seen a significant increase in the use of citrus fruit (Florida Citrus Processors’ Association 1978). California is the main producer for consumption as fresh citrus fruit, whereas citrus processing and orange juice production primarily occur in Florida (USDA 2010). Because of the preferred flavor, delightful taste, affordable economic reach, and consumer awareness of the increasingly recognized potential health properties, citrus fruits and products are very prevalent with widespread nutritional and economic impact in both developed and developing countries (Ting 1980). The origin of citrus fruit is identified with a history full of controversy and interesting legends. Some researchers believe that citrus is native to the subtropical and tropical areas of Asia, originating in certain parts of Southeast Asia including China, India, and the Malay Archipelago (Bartholomew and Sinclair 1952; Sinclair 1961; Scora 1975; Ramana and others 1981; Gmitter and Hu 1990).

Direct Impact Reach Through Our Global Partners

Products & Services


Partner Factories


(N:B. Private  & Public sector business owners )

Regional Locations


Global Team


(N:B Directly employed )


“The activities of Direct Impact Sourcing BV takes place (among other things) in the sector: Trade mediation in food and beverages . This Sourcing Company is directly responsible in the improvement of lives and livelihood of my brothers and country men"
Prayut Chan-o-cha (Prime Minister, Thailand )
""Alhamdulillah, we have gotten at least 10 times the value from Direct Impact Sourcing B.V.."
(Alain Abdullahi Majid Al Futtaim Group, ‘Mall Of Emirates’)
” The Direct Impact Sourcing team has been an amazing partner, Over the years we have built a strong, and credible brand reputation within our walls. I am more than pleased when I reflect on the journey and the significant progress that we have made together.”
Jeremy Stutes, ( Vice President of US Foods )


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